Of Special Importance

1) Pages. We are updating the pages of this website. Hopefully the change swill make it easier for visitors to move around the site, learn about us, connect with us and grow in their faith.  If you would like to connect with us, click here to contact us.


2) Prayer.  If we can pray for you or you would like to join our prayer effort, click here to contact us.

pocket_cross_23) Pocket Crosses. The members of New Hope are distributing crosses that say “Jesus Loves You” in an effort to share the faith and love of Jesus with whoever we can. The cross, when it is kept in a pocket, wallet or purse, or when placed in a conspicuous place in your home (mirror, refrigerator), car (steering wheel, dashboard) or at work (desk, monitor, locker) can be a great reminder that you are never alone in your life struggles. If we can provide you with a cross or you have a cross story to tell us, click here to contact us.